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New Stories - NSP - S10 Bonus Episode: Old Time Radio Vol. 6

Illustration by:  Lukasz Godlewski

Illustration by: Lukasz Godlewski

This week you can hear me perform in three tales if you are a Season Pass 10 holder for The NoSleep Podcast.

In the first tale I perform with David Ault, Jessica McEvoy, Nichole Goodnight, Jeff Clement, Matthew Bradford, and David Cummings in "The Mark of Markus Hellfire" written by Manen Lyset . Produced by Phil Michalski.

I am accompanied by the same voice talent in the second tale "The Audition" written by Jimmy Juliano and produced by Phil Michalski.

In the third, and final tale, I perform along side David Ault,Jessica McEvoy, Nichole Goodnight, Erika Sanderson, Brian Mansi, and David Cummings in "There's Something in Room 306" written by Michael Whitehouse and produced by Phil Michalski.

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